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Make it made to measure

What this option gives you is the chance to adjust the overall dimensions of any product with this option, by up to 10cm in addition to the standard height, width and depth. However the layout will not change, e.g. the door position and draw depth are not changeable.

If you require any of these changes then please fill out our bespoke enquiry form.

For example :

A standard sideboard is 150cm wide 50cm deep 75cm high, by ticking the "have it made to measure box" you can increase all of these dimensions by a maximum of 10cm. You may also reduce the overall dimension by as much as you want.

The delivery time for any item, which has been ordered, "made to measure" is between 6-10 weeks.

Special terms and conditions which apply to "bespoke" and "make it made to measure" services.

The customer takes full responsibilities for all measurements given to pine co uk ltd.

Under no circumstances will we refund in part or in full any payments due to incorrect sizes.

The customer must ensure that there is suitable access to the final position of the ordered piece of furniture, if there are any small doorways tight turns which may impede the delivery team installing the piece of furniture you have ordered, under no circumstances will we refund or accept back any article or which cannot be delivered for this reason you must accept the piece of furniture.

Colour matching

Whilst we endeavour to get the closest colour match possible when we use wood stains or paints we can never guarantee it to be 100% perfect, as with any natural products the are variations in the grain orientation pattern and shading which we cannot change and must be accepted as one of the features of using wood. Also you may have had the original piece you wish to be matched a considerable time this would also have an effect of the current colour.

Important tips before you order "made to measure", "bespoke" or "standard products", please read!


If you are measuring for a piece to fit in a alcove or recess always take your measurements from the narrowest point, this is usually the gap between the skirting.

Make sure that the recess is the same measurement at the front as it is at the back also if you have a old house beware the floor or walls may be not be level this will also have an effect on whether the piece will fit or not.

Be aware of any pipes, radiators, dado rails or any other kind of fixtures which may have a effect on your maximum sizes. Or which may affect the item being placed in its intended spot. The most common problems are radiators close to an alcove and window ledges that stick out.

Please think how your piece of furniture will be placed in it's intended spot.

If it is downstairs

Check there is suitable access either through the front door or round the back through a rear entrance.

If access is only possible using a rear access then be aware of any overhead obstacles tight turns, uneven ground, bushes or trees which may obstruct any large piece of furniture.

If it is upstairs

Check for tight turns usually at the bottom of the staircase if there is a step then a turn to the stairs this will make delivering tall products difficult. Wardrobes we are able to dismantle but large chest of drawers we are not bear this in mind. Safety gates if permanently fixed will impair any delivery please make steps to have them removed on day of delivery.


Generally most large products such as table wardrobes are assembled on site however there are quite a few products that are already built. If you are unsure please contacts us, we have an experienced delivery team and there's usually a solution to any of these problems.

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